Additional Cleaning Guidelines.

Additional Guidelines for the Cleaning and Disinfection of Sports Premises.

Any training environment must be free from non-essential items and visibly clean, however under the present Corvid-19 conditions we should take additional steps to ensure that the working environment is pathogen free. 

It's important that the cleaning team use only approved detergent/sanitiser and follow manufacturer’s instructions for dilution, application and contact time (see Effective Cleaning Products) and use appropriate PPE, both to minimise the risk to the user and the moving of pathogens from area to area.

General Guidance for cleaning operatives working between areas.

  • Clean your hands (wash or use hand sanitiser) and apply PPE.

  • Clean from the top or furthest away point.

  • Discard disposable cloths/paper roll immediately after use into a bin bag.

  • Remove and discard PPE into the bin bag and remove from the area.

  • Perform hand hygiene between areas.

Sanitisation is the removal of micro-organisms to a safe level, carried out by heat or chemicals. Sanitisation cannot take place on unclean surfaces as organic matter will interfere with sanitisation solution. Therefore, surfaces must be cleaned before they can be sanitised.

Changes to cleaning techniques should include ...

  • The use of paper towels in toilets - bins to be emptied daily.

  • When mopping floors, use approved floor cleaner and two bucket method - one clean and one dirty.

  • Use different mops for each area and launder daily.

  • Use microfibre cloths to damp dust surfaces - change for each room and launder daily.

  • Sanitise hand touch areas - door handles/plates toilet flush buttons/keyboards/phones/coffee machines etc daily, using single use wipes and Byotrol surface sanitiser. Wipes should be disposed of after single use.

  • Ensure hand touch points on gym equipment are cleaned daily using disposable wipes and sanitised using Byotrol surface sanitiser. Consider issuing gym gloves to staff/players to minimise the risk of transmission.

  • In dining rooms sanitise condiment bottles and drinks fridge door handles daily.

  • In dining areas ensure plates cutlery etc are covered after cleaning and until use.

Laundering of cleaning cloths, towels, kit etc.


All items to be laundered  must be washed at a temperature in excess of 60C, this includes training kit. For external laundries ensure that items to be laundered are removed from the premises by club staff before being collected. Ensure external wrapping is removed from laundered items before bringing into the training centre.

If you would like help returning to training contact Genica now on 07805793223