Effective Infection Prevention for Sports Athletes

Maintaining a clean and healthy environment is vital to ensure preventable infections are kept at bay. 


Genica have developed solutions to ensure that your premises measures up to the strict hygiene regimes demanded in todays competitive environment.​

Explore our solutions that will help keep your premises infection free.




The built environment influences the users health in many ways, from the correct choice of materials to basic design principals and location of utilities.


Many environments lack simple design features that promote a healthy and safe place of  work and make the aim of providing a pathogen free environment achievable.

The correct choice and positioning of equipment can greatly influence the effectiveness of your buildings Infection Prevention Regime.

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Surface sanitation is vitally important  for

everyone, especially elite athletes.


Ensuring our top sportsmen and women stay at the top of their game is essential in achieving the success the we all demand.

Many illnesses can lead to a loss of performance and these pathogens are present all around us.


Genica can ensure that all your surfaces are pathogen free, providing the perfect environment for your top athletes to excel.


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Correct information regarding the cleanliness of your building is vital in maintaining  a hygienic environment. 


Understanding the effectiveness of your cleaning team is an essential management requirement that can provide you with the information you need for effective management.

Genica have developed a powerful software tool VeriFy - VeriFy uses data collected on site to produce a comprehensive report that not only quantifies the hygiene levels within your building but recommends areas of potential improvement.  


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