Returning to training -  infection prevention measures

Returning to training -  sanitisation


With clubs returning to training additional measures are being considered and used to help keep players and staff heathly.

Listed below are some of the measures taken up by clubs.

Players Houses.

Presently we undertake to sanitise players houses, this ensures that not only is the player or staff members home infection free but also any cars on site at the time.


Team coaches are being sanitised in preparation of the restart of the season and the relaxing of the 2 meter rule.

Players Cars.

Players cars whilst on site can be sanitised quickly and efficiently ensuring that any pathogens present are quickly eliminated.

Club Offices.

With the planned return to work many clubs are asking for their offices to be sanitised. Not only will this eliminate ant pathogens present but reassure staff as to the cleanliness of the premises.

Club Shops.

With the prospect of shops opening shortly club shops will be a useful source of income. Ensuring they are pathogen free not only reassures the staff but ensures the customer experience is maintained.

3G Playing Surfaces.

Many 3G indoor playing surfaces have been converted into gyms providing more room around each player that ensures social distancing is maintained. Sanitising the 3G surface can be carried out with our Electrostatic Quad System ensuring the surface is pathogen free.


We can sanitise all areas within the stadium that will be used by staff while the remainder of the season is played out.

If you would like help returning to training contact Genica now on 07805793223